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Gamer Dater Remix <3

  - mar 28th ,2013  



More is coming to Gamer Dater, there's been some updates to the site, some graphic changes, some backend changes on the account, you can now edit your favorites and other things. There's also been an addition to the Troll Dater, now you can choose between the cast of Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff in addition to many MSPA characters, more are coming soon with additional features for more random fun : D

Hopely you saw our ads on many webcomics, we are world renowon and loved for our ads, they are the very best as many speak only the best about them, we love them and look forward to making many more crazy ads to lure you here and then have you give testimionals about your lovers you meet here and the many Gamer Dater babies you have here, you'll get free xp and latinum, heheee.

Another Gamer Dater Album has been released by Lieutenant Fish and his friends for this second album about Gamer Dater, it's rather awesome and I love listening to this one as well, it's awesome to hear a second release of an album for Gamer Dater

We are testing new forums at you should see them here soon.


We are still seeking help if you wish to help us, we are at a stage where we could take on more Programmers and Artist for elements in our website, video games being developed or comics, drop us a line at to talk to us more about it.

<3 Hrist



Gamer Dater Updates <3

  - dec 17th ,2012  



Attack of the Gamer Daters! Every day more Gamer Daters come alive! Our numbers are growing! Muhahahhahahahahhah!

My thanks to Lieutenant Fish and his friends on MSPA and Trol Seassons that worked on it for this Gamer Dater Dot Com Album it's really awesome, I love it. Apparently they've remixed it more, and Gamer Dater has become one of their most remixed albums, it's pretty awesome, I love it! <3 Thanks guys!

More updates are coming to Gamer Dater, it's done well in its last 1.25 years since it launched, before I was just doing web comics and flash things, though I should still do more of those things, I enjoy doing web comics too. I was able to think out the logic to Gamer Dater awhile back I'm glad to see in in play though there's more to come, I know how there's some things people find limiting here some of the elements are a basic system, like the forum and mail system but there are upgrades coming to those.

We are testing new forums at they are almost done and the forum there I can reuse here to advance it much further so it looks like a real forum but more customized to the theme. For here Gamer Dater more of a Gamer Dater forum that looks and flows alot better, let us know your suggestions too which you may like to enhance any element of our website or forum.

We are still seeking help if you wish to help us, we are at a stage where we could take on more Programmers and Artist for elements in our website, video games being developed or comics, drop us a line at to talk to us more about it.

<3 Hrist



New Geeky Girl Comics #3 - #8

  - aug 8th ,2012  


Geeky Girl Comics ♥

Check it out on Tumblr, it's getting its own website soon. We will have it in the comic archives here soon too, it's getting to be a good webcomic series, a bit inspired by busty girl comics and other series : D

<3 Hrist





Gamer Dater Updates

  - aug 6th ,2012  


Hello everyone, more updates are coming. We have some new things on Gamer Dater that you might enjoy.

Troll Dater is functional, since we have so many MSPA fans here I had some fun and made a custom omegele mspa script, it's rather fun, you can choose between most the trolls and humans, about 20 of the humans and trolls, it works like trollmegle but more customized like a pesterchum chat.

Final Phantasy I: The Search For God is working. It's still in it's basics but you can enjoy this game as it develops, I will be making more announcements about this game down the week too.

There's some more comic updates too, those should be up soon for most comics.

Gamer Dater is going under changes too, more graphics, better forum, mail system, matching system and more.

It's nice to see curiosity land on mars, I was watching it live last night and it was pretty awesome. It was interesting to notice the rest of the internet go crazy when it happened, it was rather funny, there was quite alot of posts on the internet the minute the Curiosity touched down, it seemed like a crazy way to land it, NASA even had wil wheaten and William Shatner do narrations on the landing sequence, which is awesome, Wil Wheaten is everywhere! I always see him across the interwebs, penny arcade, diesel sweeties, tumbrl, he's funny.

Thanks for your continued support.




Super Mario Paint Adventure

  - june 11th ,2012  


We started yet another forum adventure on the MSPA fan adventures forum,"SUP4R M4R10 P41NT 4DV3NTUR3 - AdStuck". We started one awhile ago and I want to get back to updating it but I think this one could be more popular since it's endelss humor like our advertising. Were already getting good reviews! Aparently the people at will host it too, the owner seemed to like the idea, and others, the thread is already going excelent and my friends are already enjoy it.

It is going to be a rather insane crazy webcomic mspa fan adventure, you will have to give it a read as it is rather silly and funny : D

There will be some GamerDater updates soon with improvements to the site and upcomming RPG Final Phantasy I the Search for G.0.D. Final Phantasy I The Search for G.O.D. Gaming Omnipotent Divinity.

<3 Hrist




Venus Exosquad Episodes

  - june 5th ,2012  


In honor of the Venus Transit, Gamer Dater is showcasing some of the better Exo-Squad Episodes with Venus in it, there will probaly be more comics soon with this astronomical phenomena, that happens very rarley, so enjoy these episodes : D

<3 Hrist




Geeky Girl Comics #2

  - june 4th ,2012  


#2 Geeky Girl Comics ♥

“Busty Geeky Girl Issues in Magick”

The problem with casting spells with a large bust is that it’s hard to get the wand movements right, and sometimes fun things can happen when you misdo a spell or problem, heeee snrk : D ♥

<3 Hrist



New Comic Geeky Girl Comics

  - may 29th ,2012  


I decided to start my own comic, all the comics here I help Ghaleon with he mostly does most of the work on them, Role Playing Gamer, Temporal Trek, Pirate Dragon Kitty Dinosaur and Daily Guest Star Comic and more, even though it does need to go daily, maybe we should change the name.

I started a new comic today, "Geeky Girly Comics". It will be hosted here and on Tumblr. It is a comic that relates to relates to girls like me that are major geeks, I really love it and I think most people will too.

The first one deals with having busty breasts in space and how they have their own gravity and float free, this comic will have comics just like this being cute and geeky and girly. Hopely this will go daily like a few other things and I will continue to help Ghaleon with the other comics, they need to get updated, there's more comming to Gamer Dater too there will be a posting about that soon.

- Hrist



Update to Role Playin Gamer

  - may 15th ,2012  


There is an update to Role Playin Gamer. Everyone at Gamer Dater and Role Playin Gamer since it's the same crew both love Phantasy Star. It's one of the best series ever, we have all loved it since the beginning of time.

I started off around Phantasy Star 3, that was the first Phantasy Star game I ever played, I love it's temporal elements of a which way story allowing you to choose the way the generations went, thus Phantasy Star 3: Generations of Doom, it has a fun title, that was a great game.

I have played though most of the Phantasy Stars, actually I need the newer systems I haven't been playing all the online ones, actually I heard another one was just going though Beta at the Penny Arcade Forums in Japan, that would be great.

I really loved PSO, that game was awesome back on the Dreamcast, I have many many nights where I stayed up all night playing it. I would play it with all my friends online it was always really fun, I usually like mages more but I think I did a class with a sword, I really loved that game and the soundtrack, Mark, one of the other founders of Gamer Dater and Editor has been playing that more, I need to play that more, I miss it, then there was different versions after that, Blue ball, that one on game cube that seems to go for alot then even that pc one a bit ago, it was most likley on other systems too, I need to play it still the side story, but I'm still playing PSO on the DC a bit too, I still need PSP so I can play the Phantasy Star on that system, people should donate so we can play all the games to do more comics for them : D or at least to get more perks out of Gamer Dater, soon when it has more plans and donations items, which you will see soon in more updates here.

Phantasy Star is really one of the greatest series, I could go on forever about the whole series, and I think I've only played about 70% of the series, I kinda missed out on alot of the Online ones aside from the first.

I really never understood why Sega created about 10 different PSO online games while not even getting close to mentioning about a sequel to Phantasy Star 4, which came out about 95, that game was the most divine ever. At first it was like $100 when it first came out due to the ROM size. I still remember getting my copy many years later brand new for like $15 I was lucky. I wanted to get it when it first came out but it was expensive.

I wish I had played 1 growing up, I really missed out, only recently I beat the game though on an emulator, I need to buy it someday, but this game is amazing, I have really loved Alis my whole life everyone here does, she really represents the series well, even in 4 they have a hero named 'Alys' which is just like the heroine Alis from 1.

Phantasy Star 1 I think could be the funniest, there is alot of humor in the game, I really love this webcomic I found Phantasy Star Replay, it has some great comics about Phantasy Star 1 and replaying the game, there's a fair amount of pages out now, I have been enjoying it since the start, I found it about the same time I started playing PS1 for the first time and really enjoyed reading the comic along side, it's one of my favorites, it updates every Friday defiantly worth a read, it has a comic similar to this, it's sorta where I got the idea, but if you play the game it's in there too in the beginning, it's quite funny, maybe it's late 80s humor but the way things in the game are set up to get around and get to locations in the game you have to do a few things, some of the questions they ask you are funny too.

I love how the series is connected, you see it throughout 1 - PSO, I really need to play the few ones I haven't I've been going through Phantasy Star 2 more lately, that's a fun game too. I have been enjoying that alot recently its fun to see how the series developed from the first one to the current one, even the old school Sega ones from the first one on the Master system to the last one on the Genesis, Phantasy Star 4, the plot really developed from the first one to the last one with alot of elements but still some of the same such as Dark Force.

There's even alot of reuse down the series from 1 to 4, more so 1,2,4. Those follow the main plot three kinda veered off like Phantasy Star Online, it's sorta like it before you find the 2nd habitable planet in PSO after you leave the main world and find another world, but I don't want to give it all away, it should be played, but I find 4, 2, and 1 the best since they follow the plot more, 4 and 1 are the best, but 2 is really good too, I'm really enjoying two so far, it follows the plot from 1 and doesn't side skip like three, and follow the story of the Algo solar system more.

Someday I want to make a Phantasy Star 5 game and post it here, I really love the series and wish they would of made a 5th one, I've read some things about the 5th one what they wanted to produce, like a final battle between the dark and the lightness, and more of the events on a larger space scale. Sometimes I feel like I could produce a great story like Temporal Phantasy Star 5 where you go though the different timelines of Phantasy Star, we've been writing up some stuff hopely someday we will be able to show some samples for a concept of the game.

Hope you enjoy this comic <3

- Hrist & Role Playin Gamer






Update to Role Playin Gamer

  - may 11th ,2012  


There is an update to Role Playin Gamer. This one will go onto the Temporal Trek Archive too for the Star Trek Anomlies Web Comics, since it fits in both catagories, kinda a dual comic, I really love Star Trek as everyone knows, everyone here does, I thought this comic would be a funny comic, since everyone hates Kai Win.

She has to be the worst person in all of Trek, she is always so horrible you can't help but to hate her right off the bat, I really love "In the Cards" when Jake accuses the Kai of Stealing something, that was really hilarious, maybe that would make a good webcomic too. I always got a kick out of that scene, it's the episode where Jake wants to get a baseball card for his father, funny Jake Nog episode.

In this comic it is no different, she is her usual self as Kira and Odo wonder what's really best for Bajor, and their health.

I think everyone hated Kai Win in DS9, Kai Opaca was far better I really never understood why she had to leave the show, though she will never die and be immortal on that planet in the Gamma Quadrant, she was always the better Kai, I like her quote, "Find Solutions from Within Commander". She was obsiously a better Kai, I wonder why Vedek Bareil was not Kai either, he would of made a far better choice, I guess they wanted to set up a plot where everyone would hate her, she alwasy did do that well, in all of her roles.

Hope you enjoy this comic <3

- Hrist & Role Playin Gamer





Update to Pirate Dragon Kitty Dinosaur and
Random Daily Guest Star Comic

  - may 9th ,2012  


There is an update to Pirate Dragoon Kitty, Dinosaur and Daily Guest Star Comic. Also as you may of notice there's a new section called GOD TV, Gamers of Daters TV, I want to put more things into in time, I'm going to put up some gaming videos of our crew and I am listing some of the best series in the TV section too such as Exo-Squad.

I really love Exo-Squad, it was one of my favorite series growing up I really loved all of the characters in it, there's so many wonderful characters, I love the Neosapiens, they all have such long lovely Latin names, even one is named Livia, after the first Roman Empress, and others probably named after various, things, there's even a VW Phaeton type of car, obviously exosquad is everywhere.

Hope you enjoy <3

- Hrist & Pirate Dragoon Kitty, Dinosaur and Daily Guest Star Comic




Update to Role Playin Gamer

  - may 8th ,2012  


There is an update to Role Playin Gamer! This comic deals with the fun of Star Trek Online, I really love and enjoy this game I play it alot, it's one of my favorite rpgs, mmorpgs, and games online it's not perfect, but it's really awesome.

I've been playing it since it's start at beta about 2 and a half years ago, I play way to much PVP in it, ususally space pvp, I really love the community there too. Ghaleon and I do really well at Star Trek Trivia too, we've won a bunch of Star Trek Trivia contest on there, they are always fun, I have won way to many C-Store Points there too.

Star Trek online is diverse, although it is free to play it still could use more, it dosent exactly follow Trek cannon but it has an intresting story, some of which is good and bad, they renamed species 8472 to the Undine which I don't agree with but does work, right now you can only really play the Federation or Klingon too, and to get some recent awesome ships you have to buy alot of keys to unlock lock boxes that 'perhaps' will give you that new Cardasian or Feregni cruiser. Still it's fun you got to love the drops : D

We run a fleet (Federation Side) and House (Klingon Side) on Star Trek Online, there's more information in the forum about playing with us in Star Trek online or if you want to join a Fleet or House there.

Hope you enjoy <3

- Hrist & Role Playin Gamer





'TemporalBound' Update 3

  - may 7th ,2012  



Hope you enjoy this comic <3

- Hrist & Role Playin Gamer - Divine Magicks





Update to Role Playin Gamer

  - may 6th ,2012  


There is an update to Role Playin Gamer, a very funny comic that deals with a couple of video games topics as we know about : D Everyone loves Mario Cart, it's an old classic. I thought I would include it with this comic, as it deservers many comics as Mario Cart is a funny game full of Nintendo Characters.

I had an idea one day while driving to work and not to be late while eating a bananna that I could toss it out the window and stop traffic that way, while that would be funny it reminded me of Mario Cart, actually I don't play it enough but everyone loves that comic so I thought I would put in in there, also some other fun temporal parts in the comic considering Mario Cart has temporal weapons that can affect the space time of your kart in the game and in web comics : D

Hope you enjoy this comic <3

- Hrist & Role Playin Gamer

Tags: Mario Kart, Nintendo




'TemporalBound' Update 2

  - may 5th ,2012  

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Divine Magicks New Series 'Space Bound'

ghaleon posted by "Ghaleon" Michael Kirouff - May 2th 2012



SpaceBound, Lunar Magic Girl School, Plain Divine Magicks, or even Divine Magick Empire, I'm not exactly sure the name of this new series but I thought I'd have some fun doing a comic a bit like Star Trek, my Divine Magicks and MSPA, homestuck, this turned out well, more to come : D.

I think I've been reading too much MSPA : D

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